Web 2.0 Links & Resources:

The Interact online conference has lots of info/links etc. This link will take you to the section on web 2.0. It is well worth a look. http://centre4.interact.ac.nz/modules/folder/folder.php?space_key=13374&module_key=53384&link_key=41383&group_key=0


http://classblogmeister.com Have you thought of having your own interactive class webpage? One where each student can post their own reflections and learning blogs? One where you as the teacher can oversee the content? Let's face it, our kids are doing it anyway (beebo, myspace etc) but have few guidelines. Using their tools within an educational setting is making the best of both worlds, providing a platform which is rich, real and relevant. Each person in your class (yep, you too) can have an online presence to read and write with the world? Classblogmeister, David Warlick's online blogging tool, is designed for schools with the safety features in mind. This site allows your class to create your own learning blogs, building partnerships and responding with other classes and teachers online. Don't forget to establish a set of norms with your class i.e. an agreed standard re language, purpose etc. This is an exciting platform to support your class learning and would be my most favourite find this year. Take a look at other NZ class sites -
Jody's Year One site: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1638
Tom's site: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=993


What about making an interactive learning environment to support your inquiry? Just like this one. Invite in the experts. Have your children work in groups and post up their questions and their findings, each group with a separate page. Wikis can be easily made from http://www.wikispaces.com/ and can be passworded if you are concerned about security.

IE Spell:

Want students to spell check their entries to assist with publication standards? Yep, it is handy and not just for the students ;-)
You can download IESpell, a free, quick and easy programme which brings with it a toolbar icon which appears in the Intenret Explorer toolbar. When you click it, IESpell spell checks your Internet Explorer message boxes allowing you to right click a word and select alternative spellings. When done, reclick the toolbar icon to Stop the spell check.

The above content is courtesy of Lorraine Watchorn

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