There are many tools and strategies that teachers use to facilitate inquiry-based learning.

Please share any you have found helpful.

  • Graphic Representations of the process or GPS - this one has its own page.

  • Use Post-it notes for recording brainstorms if you don't have an ACTIVboard or Mind-mapping software like Inspiration. If brainstorms are` recorded on Post-its then the information can easily be moved around and sorted.

  • 3 Doors to Infoliteracy™ site has useful strategies

  • 7 servants: Who, What , When, Where, Why, How, Which

  • Plan, Do Review

  • Display the process eg. PMIs, brainstorms etc displayed in the classroom, not just completed work

  • Display thinking tools

  • Display strategies eg. rules for brainstorms, parts/whole thinking, 6 thinking hats, PMI etc.

  • Reflective journals for students. These could be on paper or online. They could form part of an e-portfolio

  • Bookmark websites

  • Use graphic organisers